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goodbye, halcyon days

♥ ♥ ♥

good bye, halcyon days ♥
28 November 1988
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by sami



Friends from RL have tracked me down here, and I'm not so comfy with them knowing all my fangirlish thoughts...

Comment to be added and I swear I'll add you.

EDIT 4/22/07: Just to make friending more fun, answer these questions for me so I'll get to know you better.
1. Name:
2. Why do you want to friend me?:
3. Country (just curious):
4. Read HP? What is/are your ship/s?:
5. Any other ships/fandoms?:

IMPORTANT: If you're here for my fics/graphics, you'll have more luck at hollowfication. For HP-centric fics, hop over to portableswamp. For HP graphics, daydreamcharms is the place.

PS The Dark Mark "icon" is NOT gankable. It's a personal creation and is too big a file to be an icon, anyway.
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