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goodbye. it was great, but i need a new start. clear myself of all the angst and childishness.

i won't delete the journal, but i won't be updating here anymore.

say hello to starsfallforus. :)


i can't believe i'm flying to the states in three days.

i haven't even packed yet.


last two days of the semester. *sigh*

de-cluttering the profile page

de-cluttering the profile page...

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Friends Only

Friends from RL have tracked me down here, and I'm not so comfy with them knowing all my fangirlish thoughts...

So, friends only.

ABOUT ME, so you'll be sure if you really want me as a friendCollapse )

Now, if you're really sure, then add me first, then comment to be added, and I swear I'll add you. Just say "hi". I'm really friendly. ^___^

ETA 4/22/07: Just to make friending more fun, answer these questions for me so I'll get to know you better.
1. Name:
2. Why do you want to friend me?:
3. Country (just curious):
4. Read HP? What is/are your ship/s?:
5. Any other ships/fandoms?: